Saturday, June 02, 2007

Vacay! Is it Camping When You Have Wi-Fi??

Before we left on our trip, Ben, Harry and I went to Little Gym for a special friday makeup class.

Harry's doing a wheel barrow. He also did this all across the baance beam, but we were too awed to take a picture

Then Harry and Josephine tried to push this orange thing, and as you can tell from the blurriness, they were working really hard...

and then "they" became "Harry" working hard as Josephine decided to hitch a ride.

The view from our cabin and Harry by a cooler filled with Mounds bars, beer, and a bottle of fake milk. Yummy.

Harry at the pool and after the pool in one of his dady's shirts.

After Harry went to bed we got drunk and sat in front of a lovely fire. A lovely fire that Ben worked very hard to build, gathering up all twigs within a half-mile radius of the cabin, asking the font desk for tons of paper (is it camping when you have a front desk?) and even burning plastic. And we made plastic flavored s'mores.

After breakfast, Harry chilled in his camp chair

Ben ready to go fishing

And now we come to the reason I am writing this: We can't freaking hike with Harry's stroller. Later, after Ben and Gary get back from fishing, we'll try hiking with Harry in the backpack, which neither of us (me or Harry's Gramma) want to carry. But, just so you know, we carried his freaking stroller down all these freaking stairs and then realizd that there were MORE stairs and we couldn't carry it anymore, so we carried the freaking stroller all the way back UP the stairs. The we walked on the sidewalk until Harry fell alsepp, and if he poops, we'll take him back in the pool. Even though most of the people who read this blog are HERE, I am sure we'll update obbsessively later. Especially if it rains.

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  1. Anonymous3:07 PM

    FUN! That is my kind of camping!! Have a great time.