Friday, November 10, 2006

Adorable Harry's Adorable Week

Check it out-- Harr's a bat!!

Thanks for the Uggs, Alison. They're the perfect thing for this Wisconsin winter. It's snowing right now, by the way.

Here he is lounging in our bed. Look-- he hearts Dad.

Napping abruptly Sunday afternoon. One minute he was chewing his fist and complaining, the next minute he was O-U-T!

Thank goodness we took out the bumpers!

This kid loves his gym. Lately, he's started roll all the way across it. Today, he was happily playing on it while I showered, and when I opened the curtain, he was gone. I was so startled to find him UNDER HIS CRIB!!! His cheeks, by the way, are shiny with Vaseline.

I'll leave you with a few bath pictures. Harry really loves his duck tub, which is a good thing because he gets pretty dirty for such a little guy. Today, while eating breakfast, he peed totally through his diaper, soaking me, him, and his pj's. Fun times.

Stay tuned because tomorrow the UW speech team is hosting a tournament, and Harry, of course, is going to go. Wow! His first speech tournament!!!

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