Monday, November 13, 2006

Dear Blog Readers, I love being Harry's Mom,

and there's no "but" clause to follow that statement. Maybe I am feeling especially loving because Harry finally pooped and stopped grunting, or because Ben made the coffee extra strong this morning, or because Harry and I slept until 9 a.m. snuggled together in bed. Probably not the last one-- it wasn't as nice as it sounds, since Harry woke up at 5:20 very poopy and very mad about being so poopy in his sleep sack and stayed up until almost 7:30, eating so much in that time that he spit up all over me. Twice. Sometimes I think Harry might be part beagle-- just like Daisy, he'll eat until he bursts. Even though I smell like sour milk and catch a strong whiff of it every time I look down, and even though I have emptied the coffee pot, and even though Harry and I have to take a walk in the slush today, I am just so happy with my life and everything/ everyone in it. Sure, I have days where I feel very martyred and put-upon, where I think that I do everything a stay-at-home mom does AND everything a working mom does (which, just for the record, I do), but more often, I have days where I just feel so LUCKY. Harry is funny and adorable. I love my work, and the "life of the mind" is a good antidote to scrubbing toilets with a pumice stone (a top-notch household tip-- really gets rid of the scratches). Most importantly, I have the best husband in the world, and he is a wonderful father-- you should hear him sing Harry's stripper music when he changes a diaper, and you should see how hard he makes Harry laugh. I am constantly stealing his schtick and marevling at the fact that I found such a perfect person to spend the rest of my life with (shout out to SFI!). So, yeah. I am feeling pretty good about my existance on this rainy Fall day, and I just thought I'd share. Harry is so darn adorable, and he is finally starting to interact with his toys and his environment. I am so excited that we have Thanksgiving, Max's Christening, Sheryl's wedding, Chrismukkah, and New Year's Eve coming up because as much as I love to love and play with Harry, I love to watch him with his grandparents, great-grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles even more! Here're a few pics to hold you over until tomorrow's "I'm Five Months Old Today" post. Love, Sarah (a.k.a. "Mommy the Food").

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  1. Anonymous9:31 AM

    You two are sooo cute! This post made me a little teary eyed!