Sunday, November 12, 2006

My Baby Takes a Morning Nap-- to be sung to the tune of that Sheena Easton song, "Morning Train."

Random, I know. But Harry Pants woke up at 10:00, 1:00, 3:00, 5:00, and 6:30, so today's entry might be even more rnadom than usual. More random than the Cribs episode? Why, yes indeed. Thanks for asking.

Here are a few pcitures from the tournament yesterday. Perhaps life in the tab room messed up Harry's schedule (it's true that he didn't nap well, and the squeaks he made last night/ early this morning are usually the squeaks of a sleep deprived baby. You should hear the squeaks of a sleep deprived Mommy. And his poor sleep deprived Daddy drove his squeaky car to another speech tournament early this morning. Seriously, the white car shrieks like it's dying a slow death everytime we turn it on. Remember the '84 Honda that used to make that sound outside your window, Dan?). Anyway, as promised/threatened, I digress.

Harry and Karen getting to know each other.

Harry and his Daddy.

The happy family, blissfully unaware of the sleepless night that loomed before them.

Absolutely not napping

Dan and Karen refusing to take their job seriously. Or maybe they were making fun of Ben. Hard to tell.

Me noticing some serious earwax clumps in Harry's hairy ears.

Harry makes an adorable addition to any table, no?

Harry all bundled up to leave tabland and go to the grocery store, where he slept like an angel. If ony he could sleep like that at night...

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