Thursday, August 03, 2006

Special Edition: "Oy, I Was So Gassy" By Harry

I think this picture says it all. See the anguish on my face? It's not just because I'm clearly too mature for the little duckies on my shirt that my mom insists on dressing me in at least once a week. No, this look is the look of a baby who needs to burp-- or more accurately, a baby who needs to BE burped. My mom is slow on the uptake sometimes... Why is she taking a picture when she could be helping me?

Here I am looking even more pathetically gassy. See, here's the thing. I have a ton of mucus running down the back of my throat. Why, you ask. Well, because I have boogers in my nose that my mom and dad no longer clean out. They used to be so concerned about my boogers that they took me to the doctor. Although, they used to take me to the doctor all the time for no apparent reason. It's true. I went to the doc every week of my first month, but now that I am almost 2 months old, they don't even clean out my nose. Anywho, ever since the doc said I didn't have a cold, the saline solution and bulb suction thingy became just accessories on my changing table. Post nasal drip sucks, but now-- at least-- my mom and dad are taking care of it.

Here I am just fussy from getting changed. Or maybe I am scared of my crib since both of my parents just let me CRY in there the other night. They BOTH slept through my cries on the monitor for like 10 minutes. My dad dreamed that he already got up to feed me, and my mom dreamed that she told my dad to get up and feed me, but they were both DREAMING, not feeding.

Still feeling a bit gassy. Oh, funny thing about the gas-- not just from mucus. My mom, who must be oblivious to the fact that the still has 3 pesky post partum pounds to lose, has been hogging down solid milk chocolate since Saturday. And how long have I been gassy? Why, since Saturday, of course. My mom didn't put 2 and 2 together until she talked to the nurse on the phone (that's right-- a 4 week-old gets rushed to the doctor, and a 7 week-old gets a phone call to the doctor's office). The nurse mentioned chocolate as a food that often causes gas in babies. Now my mom is eating Tostitos like they're going out of style. Good for me, but not such a good idea for her, if you know what I mean.

Some kids fall asleep with their bottles in their hands...

Me and my food hanging out in bed

Gas or no gas, I am adorable if I do say so myself

Now that my mom laid off the poison, I am back to my little piggy self.

This looks like I am rolling over, but I am sure I was just writhing with gas pains.

Got a cool new blanket-- thanks Ryan and Karen-- and made a sweet new teddy-- thanks Aunt Jen and Uncle Maurice

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Tummy time is quite a workout.

Ahh, the gas is gone. This is the face of a happily sleeping baby.

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