Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Some really good days, actually

 Beatrix is ok, mostly. She has had really good days, and she’s really happy and feisty. She is so skinny, though. Her spine sticks out and sort of hurts when she snuggles up to us. She sleeps at least 16 hours a day, and she throws up most of what she eats. Still, every day with her in it is a good day.

We hosted my family for Easter and ended up taking Minnie to the ER at 4:30 Sunday morning because she woke up with a stomach ache and was inconsolable. She threw up last week on Saturday and then again on Thursday. I contacted her doctor on Thursday, and she said there’s a bug going around and lasting for up to a week in little kids, who do sometimes feel better and then get sick again. She threw up again on Sunday morning, though, and was just writhing in pain. We were worried about her appendix or something acute like that, so Ben took her to the children’s hospital.

The doc there gave her Zofran and wrote a prescription for it (that we did not end up filling). He fed her some teddy grahams and watched her for awhile, testing for step, COVID, and a UTI. All her labs came back normal and her stomach stopped hurting as she and Ben were walking in to the hospital (OF COURSE). He said viral? Or maybe gas? He also said that sometimes kids who have never puked before do it again right away because they know it’s a thing that can happen when they didn’t before. Like maybe she did have a stomach ache and made herself puke? ALSO, both Saturday night and Thursday night, she ate Blue Moon ice cream (the same container), so I threw it away in case maybe food poisoning?

TL;DR: NO IDEA WHAT WAS WRONG. (She had another stomach ache Monday at 2 am, but she went to sleep pretty quickly and did not seem to be in pain like the night before— WHO KNOWS?)

I couldn’t sleep after Ben and Minnie left for the hospital OF COURSE because I am not a MONSTER, so I got up to make an egg casserole, breakfast potatoes, and cinnamon rolls, and it was all barely ready by 10 am (when my mom and her boyfriend, and Jon and Caleb were coming over to eat), even with the extra prep time, so silver linings? (We also had fruit salad, a roasted turkey breast and a delicious ham, plus a veggie tray and deviled eggs. And mimosas, but Ben and I stayed sober because Minnie).

After making a holiday spending spreadsheet last year, I decided to stick with the same-ish dollar amount but buy just a couple large things instead of baskets and baskets of junk. BEHOLD:

Behind the scenes dollhouse assembly:

ER pics:

Sweet Bea:


  1. Poor Minnie! And poor Beatrix.
    Those dollhouses though! I would not be able to stop playing with them if I were you. How fun, and what a good idea!

  2. Awww Beatrix. Glad you are getting more time with her.

    Poor Minnie! And parents! Having your kid in so much pain is so scary, especially when even the ER docs can't figure it out. Hopefully whatever it is has hit the bricks.

  3. Many years ago, my oldest (around Jack's age) had a tummy bug that lasted for over a week. It was like one day, be fine for a few days, and then puke again. Some times it was only 24 ish hours between, but she was almost always eating and drinking normally fairly quickly. So we never brought her to the doctor. Bear the beginning, my husband was got a tiny big, but his only lasted for a couple of days Max. So we were fairly certain that was it.

    All this to say I think little kids can take a lot longer to get over stomach bugs in some cases...

  4. A relief to hear from you and know that everyone is well/getting better/as good as can be expected. Hang in there!

  5. Ugh, puking bugs are the worst, especially at that age where they don't understand what is happening and can't tell you they are going to puke. Our oldest is SUCH a puker. Knock on wood, Will isn't. He did upchuck breast milk quite a bit when he's over eat and then cough. That was awesome. Nothing like being covered with warm breast milk and wondering if he just overate/coughed or had a stomach bug. What Minnie has sounds like a virus our boys had last year which my ped called a 'shape shifting virus.' It's called adenovirus, I think. It can present differently in every kid and seems to last quite awhile. For Paul, he puked - of course. I hope that everyone stays healthy.

    But poor Beatrix. I am glad she is mostly in good spiritis but gah - all the puking sounds rough. Poor girl. I completely and totally mailed it in for this holiday. My MIL was very enthusiastic about hosting and was thrilled to fill 54 (!!!) eggs for my boys. I used target order pick-up to order a few things for their Easter basket but barely got anything since they got so much from her!

  6. Poor Minnie! Why do these things always seem to hit over holidays. But I'm so glad she seems to be doing better.

    Despite all the tough stuff happening, it really looks like such a festive and lovely Easter celebration with your family.

  7. Puking is the worst! We got hit by the norovirus or something horrible like that. I asked my doctor for zofran and it made such a difference. You might just fill it and keep it on hand for the next time... it's like gold to me. ;)

  8. So sorry Minnie had to go to the ER - so stressful! Glad she's okay. The shoe as phone stand made me laugh. Whatever it takes, right? I agree with the above comment to fill that Zofran and keep it - especially when you travel because inevitably someone gets a puke bug right before you're supposed to get on an airplane or a 14 hour car trip home.

  9. WHYYYYY is it always holiday weekends? And why do they feel better, if they're going to feel better, the second you get to the doctor? Seems like you achieved a pretty stellar showing in spite of it all.

  10. So sorry about the ER visit... on the plus side, at least they sequester you from the chaos that is the adult side. (having spent time there, you would NOT want to be there with a child...) And, hoping all is well on the human health side of things. (I already read ahead about Beatrix... :()