Friday, April 28, 2023

5 on a Friday: Pics of the weeeeeeeek

 1. This one is super old, and I forgot that I even did something so silly with my baby when it popped up on my FB memories. Dorothy was 13 months old, and Jack was a brand new 7 year-old. Behind them is a giant Zappos box of ugly shoes for the whole fam to wear to Disney World with some particularly tragic Merrell Mary Janes for me on top.

2. The next one is actually a video, but seriously, how adorbs is Minnie hauling her own little self out of the water? If you ask her how her new big kid swim lessons are going, she will say “I do weally well” because that is what her teacher (THAT GIRL HAVE PINK HAIR MAMA) says about her after class.
3. Laurie Birkner forever- right nowMinnie is constantly asking Alexa for “These Are my Glasses”
4. Little League in Wisconsin: WEAR YOUR PARKAS and DRINK YOUR HOT BEVERAGES.

5. Coop heads to dive regionals this weekend on his quest to qualify for nationals— send him all your good vibes!!


  1. Aw, Minnie, good job on the swimming lessons and good luck to Coop!! I feel like I need more info on the first photo. Were the shoes matching? Or just really comfortable for walking? What of the Mary Janes? More info please.

  2. Way to go Minnie! I can't wait for my boys to take swimming lessons without me. Will can when he's 2.75. I tried enrolling Paul in the summer of 2021 but after a 1.25 year gap without lessons, he refused to get in the pool. So I paid a lot of money for him to sit on the side of the pool and watch the other kids swim. I thought I could cajole him into swimming but nope. I feel like I've told you this before and you've assured me he'll get over it. My plan right now is to put them in lessons together - safety in numbers? I've been talking up how FUN swimming lessons are but we'll see how this goes next winter.

    Good luck to Coop!

  3. Good luck to Coop! How exciting. And... brrr. Baseball games and parkas shouldn't go together. Lastly, Go Minnie!!! What a cutie.

  4. Yeah Minnie is freaking adorable, go Coop, my son is also coaching baseball in frigid temps in NY (and also hungover, probably not so much you guys, but what do I know, live your best life), but ordering shoes specifically FOR Disney World is SO SMART and I wish I had done it.