Wednesday, April 05, 2023



I am so sad about Beatrix.

She's actually not doing as well as we hoped. She is very energetic, has a great appetite, and is drinking a lot plus peeing and pooping like normal. BUT ALSO, her breathing is very ragged and rattly, and she throws up almost all of what she eats.

I had hoped to make a Shutterfly book of her to order RIGHT AWAY when she passes so the kids have pictures to look at and funny things to remember, but I am covered up in work right now.

The only way my life works at all is if I FULLY PREP (every lecture script, every Canvas page, every exam question) the next semester before my current semester ends. I can manage the day-to-day of teaching and course administration and committee work and professional development ONLY IF everything is all ready for me ahead of time. AND ALSO YOU GUYS. I am teaching TWO CLASSES over the summer. So. Work work work work work and more work for me. 

And you might say but SARAH! The time you spend early prepping? Couldn't you just use it to prep in real time like a normal person? And NO I CANNOT. You know why? Because SOMETHING ALWAYS COMES UP and I have to do Other Things when I thought I would be working. This is stressful but really OK if it's, like, an October class meeting I am thinking about in March, but it is way less OK if it is a March class meeting I have to prep in March right before class but then right before class is actually a student meeting or an orthodontist appointment or a sick child's day home, you know?

But! Wisconsin! Flipped our Spreme Court for the first time in fifteen years, and now our liberal majority is 4 white women of a certain age who all came onstage together for the newest justice to declare victory to Lizzo's "About Damn Time." NOT A COINCIDENCE that they entered the room at the exact moment Lizzo said "It's bad bitch o'clock." LOVE that for Wisconsin. It's so fun to see politicians who LOOK JUST LIKE YOU, you know?

Here's the video.

Anyway. Thanks for all your kind words on my previous post. We are taking it one sad day at a time.

Running across the street to vote at 7am. She thought we said boat; much disappointment, etc.


  1. Oh Sarah, I'm so sorry about Beatrix. But the love and care she's getting is extraordinary. None of that makes any of this easier, I'm sure, but what a wonderful life she has had as part of your big, joyful family.

    You have so much going on!! Wish I could shoulder a bit of the heavy workload for you <3

    Also, that skirt is absolutely darling on you.

  2. Oh Sarah! I am just back from vacation and catching up. Not Beatrix! I am so very sorry. I know this pain all too well - we lost our beloved Barkley last June, and it is just a terrible, sad thing to lose a pet. I'm sending all the love your way and praying for a miracle for her. xoxoxo

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    1. Yes, something ALWAYS comes up. I totally get having a rigid planning structure to defend against Random Life Events, which happen at the most inopportune times.

      Poor Minnie. The boat misunderstanding sounds devastating. But YAY Wisconsin!

      Thinking about you all and hoping that you are getting so many pets and snuggles in. (This is a revision to my earlier comment. I should not comment on blogs before fully awake. I know Beatrix is not a cat omg.)

  4. I am always so sad when one of our pets throws up. They just look so miserable. I'm sorry she's not doing as well as you had hoped.

    I was very pleased by the SC results here in WI, but the results of our local elections were absolutely garbage, so Wednesday morning was a mixed bag for me.

  5. So sorry about Beatrix... sending good energies your way.
    Your course planning is formidable! I compulsively edit and update until the last minute so it might not work for me, but I'm in awe of the discipline it must take to have everything scheduled so far ahead of time!

  6. Anonymous12:56 PM

    This is Lisa. I am so sorry to hear Beatrix is not doing well. I fear things have gotten worse since you haven’t posted in awhile. Thinking of you and your family!!

  7. Thinking about you, Sarah. xxoo

  8. Anonymous2:24 PM

    I'm a long time reader, rare commenter. I'm so sorry about Beatrix. She seems like such a love.

  9. I know that things went much faster than expected, and I am so, so sorry.
    I also plan ahead but... do it about a month ahead of time. Then again, no kids, no spouse, so... it's a LOT easier for me to do that compared to you. Sending light your way. <3