Tuesday, March 28, 2023

“Spring” “Break” so far


Friends! Get yourself a murder in a box game and tape that evidence up to your kitchen wall. FUN FOR DAYS. (Except we have still not solved the murder, and we have to all stand or sit around the island for meals because our table has all of the evidence that couldn’t be taped to the wall.)

Minnie is in the middle of a big bad wolf phase, and we are all here for it.

Minnie wanted to make “my my own one pizza” even though Costco pizzas were in the oven, so jack helped her make a pizza bagel, and it was the cutest.

Minnie, playing “order” which is her version of restaurant, wearing her current favorite outfit, her tummy.

Minnie modeling her tummy

And of course, Minnie summoning her siblings to her tea party.

But really, watching her at Coop’s dive practice dancing so hard (and chasing her ball so earnestly) that she broke out in a sweat and had to refill her water bottle has been pretty great:


  1. Adorbs Minnie the tummy! Jack is such a mensch showing up to shovel snow and make bagel pizzas and whatnot... Actually, all your kids seem like they're very indulgent towards Minnie and genuinely enjoy her presence. What a blessing!

    1. She is like their little pet-- it's darling.