Thursday, October 29, 2020

Minnie Marigold Is Eleven Weeks Old


These 11 weeks have simply flown by.

Can you even believe how big she is??

Interlude: We made Halloween gingerbread houses that were a huge pain in my ass in terms of baking and cleaning. But the kids LOVED THEM.

Starbucks when the world is ending:
This is how I look 90% of the day:
Oh hey look! I have other kids!
But this one. ALL THE HEART EYES.

I HAVE FIVE CHILDREN. This surprises me when I remember.

Oh, this sweet little baby!!!
I KNOW that I am phoning it in here, friends, but holy hell there is so much to do just to sort of skate by every day, you know? I want to blog more about FEELINGS because I have them, but my hands are NEVER FREE.

SO, for now, baby pics and tiny captions it is.

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  1. I also forget we have five until we are places that I feel like a Mama Duck with her ducklings all following me. I know it sounds silly, but it's easy to forget in the daily routine.