Monday, August 03, 2020


In anticipation of virtual learning, we finally got a new router! And now! You can use the internet in every room of the house again!

We upgraded our service a couple of months ago, and we definitely saw a boost, but our old router was just limping along. Then we fell down a rabbit hole of which new router to get, and then school was out and we almost never all needed to be online at the same time, etc. 

But then my internet was so bad during a family Zoom the other day that I was just all frozen and pixilated while everyone acted out the dial up modem noise and made fax jokes, and also when we cleaned out the storage room in anticipation of making an actual office in there, we found the box from our current router. FROM 2003.

So, one Target pickup later, IT IS THE MID- TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY in our house. Although I hate the description on the box of being blanketed in wifi (YIKES), I do like the fast speeds. I have shaved MINUTES off my mindless scrolling.

Bring it, virtual learning!

Speaking of, this is my favorite meme of the pandemic SO FAR.

Read this! Out loud to your kids-- SO GREAT. It has definitely held up well.

OMG she was so scared of the dog in the mirror.

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The baby had hiccups, and this was the sweetest!!
Pool to ourselves! She has lost another tooth since this picture, BTW


  1. We signed up for the biggest data package at the beginning of crisis school, and yet apparently we ran out of internet? So now I am anxious about the ambiguous usage of internet which is a stressor I could really live without.

  2. Chiconky - is there any way a neighbor could be tapping in to your WiFi signal? I don’t want to add to your stress but i find it very unusual for you to run out of internet. I’d definitely call my cable company and delve into this.