Thursday, August 27, 2020

2 Weeks of Minnie Marigold


And occasionally, she lets us put her down.  (Not very often).
My milk is finally great. It was dicey there for a minute. I credit the Mother's Milk tea I am constantly drinking and also these delicious lactation cookies (with raisins and coconut, no chips). Harry and Dorothy love them too which is good because I was worried I ate a whole batch myself. Since Sunday.
Omg she's the sweetest, you guys.
And! She had her 2-week appointment a day early and crushed her 6 pound, 13 ounce birth weight
To be honest, the appointment was a total shitshow. I summed it up on FB thusly:

It was actually lovely. Our new-ish pediatrician (we've been seeing her for 2.5 years) is awesome and has been practicing with our old pediatrician forever, so we have seen her a bunch. And! Her nurse yesterday was our same nurse we've had since Harry was born, so that was a total trip. Minnie is wonderful, and I am enjoying her SO MUCH.

Tipping the scales at 7 pounds means we could put her in the Ergo!! So she and I exercised this morning. I even lifted weights! It felt great.

I had to make a Target run for bunch-a-balloons because it was a thousand degrees in the shade today, and I can't take the kids to the pool anymore because GLOBAL PANDEMIC + NEW BABY.
Moby wrap = only way to get any housework done.
Dorothy comes in my bed every morning and snatches the baby.
Breastfeeding going well means we can try a pacifier! Minnie is meh about it.
Another enthusiastic baby holder
These guys have been trying to bake cookies on the dash board of the car all summer-- no dice so far.
Oh this baby!
She's the sweetest
We are also working on not hating the bassinet.  BABY STEPS.
She is slowly warming up to the car seat.
Omg. She's just SO SWEET.
He looooooooooves her

I mean, who wouldn't?

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