Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Nesting, so much nesting

 Digital nesting:

Summer class: graded

Adjunct online classes: synchronous sessions planned and PPTs done, grading up to date

Fall classes: PREPPED all content built, ready to roll, students emailed. TAs staffed, etc

TA training: Done-zo. Just waiting to have live sessions via Teams

Nest-related nesting:

Dorothy's room, Cooper's room, baby's room: moved and ready

Living room and kitchen: painted, cleaned out, and reorganized

Storage room: totally purged after 9 years of hoarding shit; Ben;'s office is in there now

Baby gear: bought and assembled

Hospital bag: packed

Baby clothes: washed and stored by size

Wardrobe nesting:

Maternity clothes: packed up to return to friend, except for the shirts I am still wearing

Postpartum capsule: bought (4 swing or peplum t-shirts, a ton of nursing bras, nursing nightgowns, 2 nursing tanks, 3 pairs of stretchy pants in various sizes, one button down waffle knit thermal, one ridiculous kimono)

Postpartum capsule: curated (2 pairs of shorts that have fit all pregnancy, all of my nursing-friendly dresses, all of my stretchy skirts, a couple pairs of jeggings, 2 optimistic pairs of fat jeans, 3 pairs of leggings, some button-downs, several open cardigans)

Miscellaneous nesting:

Garbage cans: bleached

Pantry: organized

Bedding: Washed and fresh with backup sheets and blankets for everyone so changing sheets is easy. I EVEN WASHED DUVET COVERS.

There is nothing left to prep, you guys.  Unless, did I miss anything?!?


  1. So ready :)! Good luck and happy birthing <3.

  2. You’re ready! And the fact that you don’t have any posts about the VP make suspect it may have been just in the nick of time?