Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Hilton Head 2019

It was a week of donuts!

 And selfies!

 And Instagram filters.
 And selfies WITH Instagram filters.
 We left on Friday, August 2, and drove all the darn way to Knoxville, TN, where we stayed at an Embassy Suites that the kids really like. Our drive was uneventful (Pleasant, even! I read 5 books!  The kids watched 3 movies!  The iPads got a workout!) except for the last 2 hours, which were terrifying. Rain, fog, thunder-- all in the mountains. Yikes.

At the hotel, we had drinks, dinner, and time for general relaxation.

 There was even a hotel breakfast buffet (the kids' favorite!) with a waffle station (even favoriter). And then!  Back in the car for another 6 hour drive that took about 10 hours because construction and traffic.  Gah.

 Such a pretty drive, though!
And then!  Finally!
I thought this picture of the 3 boys was perfect
 Especially when you look at it next to this picture from 2012

I love how quickly we fall into a vacation routine in Hilton Head. We did breakfast at home (most days), and the kids generally ate on the deck.

 Another thing they loved to do was take bubble baths in their swimsuits in the jetted tub in our bathroom.  Because even though they can now keep their stuff together at restaurants, they are still babies!
 This is my very favorite view.  the moment you pass the showers at the Sea Pines Beach Club and see your first glimpse of umbrellas and water.
 YAY!  Beach!
 Dorothy and Cooper were way into drip castles this trip, and I was way into making everyone including me wear a long sleeved rash guard.  Not the awesomest beach look (for me-- the kids looked totally fine) but so much less sunscreen!
 Castles all day.
 Having a mid-day snack at our chairs.
 We even road the trolley from the beach to the pool, much to the kids' delight.
 Wait-- one more first-day beach shot: these monster feet walking things.  A huge hit with Dorothy and jack all trip-- thanks, Target dollar spot.
 MOAR BEACH on day 2. I also debuted my new ModCloth swim suit that I really wish I had sized up in, to be honest.
 Dorothy seriously adores sand.  It is a whole-body sensory thing for her, and she was happy playing on the beach for HOURS,
 Quick shot before the beach got silly crowded.
 Dorothy, pausing for lunch.
 Our happy beach lunch spot.  We ate sandwiches from our very favorite little sandwich shop EVERY DAY.  Ben and I tried to eat the menu, but, alas, we didn't make it all the way through.  THERE'S ALWAYS NEXT SUMMER.  Also Dorothy hated it and made me pack her a peanut butter sandwich, applesauce, chips, and animal crackers everyday, which was pretty cute.
 We got a bunch of pool floats at Aldi before we left town, and they were a huge it at the pool and the beach

 It rained a couple times at night, so after dinner, we had movie nights in our little living room.  The best selection was-- hands down-- Summer Rental, which is still hilarious, and you should watch it. Beetlejuice was another good choice. We also all got really into Instant Hotel and also the old classic card game Go Fish.
 Poop!  At the beach!
 We enjoyed a celebratory anniversary round of daiquiris to kick off our 14th!
 We also had pre-dinner ice cream (and you guys!  Dorothy's habit of posing LIKE the statue she's standing with SLAYS me)

 I fit back into my wedding rehearsal dinner dress, which is cause for celebration on its own!
 Wnd we spent our anniversary playing (and losing) bar trivia.  What a great night!
 A little early AM Go Fish
 We took a walk through a gorgeous forest preserve
 Dorothy HATED IT and cried almost the whole way.
 Such a cool view!  Palms and pines!
 We all recovered with a lunch at our favorite harbor-side burger place.  Called, um, Harbourside.
 Dorothy made herself many pairs of sand pants.
 More castles on an endlessly gorgeous beach day.
 Yay beach!

 Even Ben joined in the cartwheel action.

 We had more ice cream, obvi.
 Finally it wasn't raining after dinner, so we thought we could squeeze in a night beach trip
 Um.  Maybe not.
 Go Fish instead!
 (a beach pic before the storm)
 The next morning, Ben and the boys went fishing, and Dorothy and I lugged everything to the beach by ourselves.  It was a short walk from our villa to the water.  A short walk surrounded by alligator ponds.  Erm.
 To mix things up, we went to to Stu's instead of Ben grabbing takeout for the beach.
 And we spent a long afternoon at the pool, where I realized I was wicked tan.
 We went souvinier shopping, and Dorothy ended up with a million stuffed animals.
 That she brought to breakfast the next morning.
 Favorite breakfast spot!
 Favorite park!

 Favorite alligator pond!
 Favorite lunch on the beach!
 Favorite horsing around in the ocean!
 Favorite beach activity!

 Favorite drink spot!

 Favorite pool!


 We took a quick trip to the beach for night pictures

 And that was it! 

The next morning, we loaded up the car and drove to Cincinnati to stay with my uncle, who took us to a Cubs game!

(We also introduced the kids to Cracker Barrel along the way-- bigs fans, natch)

 The next morning, we started the long drive home in my very favorite old town-- Oxford, OH.

 So many wonderful memories of this place!

That's a wrap!  

We had a lovely vacation, and we can't wait to go back.

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    i kind of want to do this exact trip next August with my family, any where you have the details on where you are staying and things to do while there? i want to start the research :-)