Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The last month of summer so far.

Con: I have only blogged 3 times in August
Pro: I have read T W E N T Y books in 20 days.  Think they're related?

After a million emails from the kids' school, I finally registered them for class.  FINALLY.  School starts in 2 weeks (15 days fr me and Harry) and I have to say, I AM GOING TO MISS SUMMER.

I am starting 30 days of yoga AND a Whole30 on 9/1.  ANYBODY WITH ME?  So, I am also going to miss food and booze.

I signed up fro a Snap Chat class at the library today.  I AM THE OLDEST EVER.  But!  All the kids are doing it.  (Like, literally.  And I have to watch my children on the online, too).

Hey!  We went to Starbucks!

I have been spending my work time super productively with a trip to my office to hang pictures.
In my spare time, I take selfies at the pool.
Also there is badminton.

Just a couple of best friends watching TV
 Can you even believe she does her own makeup?
 The Dora movie!  Loved it!
 Going to my office to help me organize.  SO HELPFUL.
 Yay State Street!
 I am trying to ease into Whole30
 Pizza nights at the pool are numbered.  Which is good because my butt is literally bigger everyday.
 New door art for a new school year!
 New trim!
 New 'do!
 Literally the best brownie frosting ever in the world.
 Just a quick trip to the grocery store.
 K O N A  I C E!
 Best brownies ever.
 A couple of girls at the pool
 Appetizer spread.
 Dinner party activity: coloring on the table cloth
 So cute!  So cozy!
And there you have it: our last month of summer so far.

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