Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Cheers to 41

Last month for Jack's birthday, we started a tradition of going out as a family to play bar trivia for our birthday dinners.  We even found a place that plays lightening trivia-- one 1 minute per question-- and it is PERFECT with the kids.  This is a seriously great tradition, and you would be surprised how handy kids are at trivia-- Harry has rando sports questions on lock, and he knew a Gandhi question that Ben and I had no clue about.  Plus kids know things that are common knowledge for their age groups but become trivia when you're old.  Like the types of triangles.  Or elements whose periodic table abbreviations are only vowels.

So, long story short, we did that last night for my bday and then Ben and I came home and got way too drunk on a bottle of champagne and watched the last ever Veep, which was hilarious, of course, but also sad because it's over, and I am just not handling endings well right now.

I spent the morning shopping.  I had a Sephora gift card from Ben's parents, and I got my Sephora bday gift, my Avdea bday gift, my Starbucks bday drink, etc.  And then I bought a shower curtain and a couple of pics for Dorothy and Cooper's bathroom-- it was a leisurely morning, and I barely even felt guilty about my decision to cancel Harry and Jack's dentist appointments because I did not want to spend a chunk of my kid-free time driving all the hell over town.

Also, Ben bought me the sunglasses I ran over last summer and have missed ever since.

 Listen, I have never hung a straight picture, and I never will.

 I watched baseball in the sun, wrapped in a quilt with a box of donut holes.  YES PLEASE.
 TRIVIA!! Team Happy Birthday Mommy (Dorothy picked the name, and it was suuuper embarrassing repeated a million times on the mic) got 5th, but we were 3rd going into the final round **sad trombone**
I got to use my spring form pan again, and you know that's, like, a special thrill.

Cheers to 41!

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