Sunday, May 12, 2019

A lovely Mother's Day after all.

This is my plan: to spend all 2019 holidays DIFFERENTLY than I spent them in 2018.  I think this is the only way I will be able to be even a little bit celebratory.

Up first: Mother's Day.  Last year, we were in Peoria with my mom and dad.  Also Jon and Caleb and a bunch of friends from college who came all the way to P-town to celebrate my 40th.

This year, we met up with my mom in Des Moines to see my grandam and two of my mom's sibs.  And Cooper thinks my uncle Lee is the world's funniest human, so that was adorable.

4 generations!  So cool!
 As usual, Blogger has uploaded my photos in totally random order, and I am too lazy to fix them.  Here are Dorothy and Cooper living their best lives at Target after school on Friday while we grabbed a few weekend supplies.  Also, Dorothy is the queen of under eye circles lately, but we have been TOO BUSY to put anyone to bed before like 9.
 I read this book in the car and LOVED it.  You should read it.
 We dropped Bea off at the boarder on the way.  STILL IN THE CONE OF SHAME.
 Zombie Burger!
 West Elm while we waited for our Zombie Burger table
 The puns were my favorite!
 After the bloody Mary
 Dorothy got right to work chalking the crap out of my aunt's driveway.
 Love these cocktail napkins
 HOTEL POOL.  Their favorite.
 We really know how to class up a hotel room.  Spoiler alert: we found Cooper's other shoe.  Eventually.
 Trying for an early morning hot tub selfie
 General merriment!
 You bet I ate a donut in the hot tub like the pimp from Deuce Bigalow
 Visiting Bomma at the nursing home

 Everyone was tired on the way home.
One day at a time, friends.  Tomorrow, I am 41.  I didn't really want to celebrate, but Ben talked me into it, and my friends have been lifesavers-- I have 3 separate nights out coming up, thank goodness.

When we snapped this picture a year ago tomorrow, I had no idea how the year would end. Which, I guess, is why I should celebrate 41, right? 


  1. Different is good ❤️ Happy birthday!

  2. ❤️ Different is good.
    Happy Mother's Day. Happy early birthday!