Friday, June 21, 2013


Cooper and Dorothy slept until 8 this morning.  They are my new favorites.

I was dreading summer because all the kids! home all day! with no classes or camps!  But we are a week in, and it's been awesome. 

The big boys are outside about 6 hours a day. 

We start every morning with swim lessons and hit the pool again after nap.  Harry has baseball 2 nights a week (Ben coaches the team), and the other nights, I take the kids to the baseball field at school so we can practice batting and catching.  Jack starts tee ball on Saturdays (Ben coaches), and Harry starts a Broadway theater class.

We've been taking a family walk (babies in the double, big boys on their bikes) every morning to exercise, and Ben and I end every night with a movie on the couch or a fire in the back yard.

Did I mention both of us are home all day?  Because I could not be having this much fun if I were on my own with everyone all day.  Holy shit.

Ben teaches one day a week, and I was LIVING for the moment he got home (at 3:30, BTW, so it's not like even a whole alone day).  The kids and I had been in the backyard since Cooper woke up from nap, and we played SO MANY GAMES.  But even that is a lovely problem to have, right?

Today we sign up for the summer library reading program (if Harry can tear himself away from reading books on his birthday iPad-- I know how he feels-- my summer reading has taken a nosedive since I decided to stop spending $50 a week on iBooks) and I need to send an email.  THOSE ARE ALL OF MY PLANS.

Viva la summer!
He kind of looks like Bernie from Weekend at Bernie's

At lunch before Harry's 7 year check up, which was totally perfunctory, exactly how I hope doctors appointments are for the rest of his life.

Nursing.  Babies are awesome, especially this one.


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  2. He totally looks like Bernie in that picture. That sounds like such a lovely relaxing summer schedule! Ours is...not relaxing. But it has been fun!