Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Cooper took care of the leftover birthday cake. Phew!

He climbed up on a chair after seeing me climb up on a chair to clean out a tall cabinet.  And while I was on that chair with my back to him, he raided the cake.  AND COVERED IT BACK UP WHEN HE WAS DONE.  I love that kid.  (He dragged the chair over and got a fork-- he is such a good planner).

This is him kissing his favorite book:
I had to take my phone to the Apple store this morning, and the boys were so moderately well behaved that I said yes when they nicely asked for Oreo shakes from Potbelly, mainly because Dorothy was screaming for food, and it seemed like a perfect place to feed her.  Unfortunately, I didn't really have 8.5 extra minutes because we had to rush home, throw on swim suits and book it to the pool. I BARELY stopped the car all the way before I let the boys out and took the babies to park.
We played outside for a couple of hours this afternoon between baby naps (SIMULNAPS!  Dorothy in the swing and not her crib, but I'll take it!) and Ben's blessed arrival home from work.  Not only did Dorothy love sitting up (not really-- she was practically lying flat despite how this picture looks) in her BOB, but she also really seemed to dig being in the backyard-- the flowers, the breeze, the birds.  She was a happy little clam for 45 raspberry-blowing minutes.

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