Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Last Day of School Eve

Dorothy can be a mercurial baby-- these pictures were taken within seconds of each other

The other afternoon, Jack came up to me at the pool and said, "Mama, I am ready to conquer my fear of the water slide.  Come take my picture."  Luckily, I warned the lifeguard that he might freak out when he hit the pool because he TOTALLY DID.  He swam across the current and panicked.  The lifeguard grabbed him and showed him that he could touch and that is he swam WITH the current he would be OK.  Jack says he'll try again when he is 6.
A Facebook friend said Dorothy looked skinny in this picture, and I was kind of surprised because she is not skinny at all.  But this swimsuit is a 0-3 month because I bought it for our vacation (which we cancelled due to Harry's heart incident and got fully refunded from the airline, which was a pleasant surprise because no matter how good of a deal you find, 6 tickets is a lot of tickets).  It's so tight-- a little baby girdle. She had a zipper imprint on her tummy and a diaper wedgie when I took it off.  Oops.
I am kind of addicted to the squishy baby selfie.  This one was taken the second we rolled out of bed (and made the bed), hence the Medusa hair.  I have been sleeping in workout clothes so I can hit the pavement immediately before or after taking the kids to school, ensuring that I look TERRIFIC at drop-off.
Cooper had his show week at Little Gym and was adorable demonstrating his skillz

Most of the babies in his class are first babies and had dads, grandparents, etc there.  Ben goes to LG all the damn time even though he doesn't love it like I do, but he had summer school this week.  Cooper had me and Dorothy, though.
Dorothy modeling a new outfit from my parents
I had a total cupcake fail making Harry's school birthday treats and had to rush Jack and Cooper  through lunch and to the store before nap for more supplies.
Round 2 was a success!
I am so into ToeBlooms.
It rained today, so I wore Dorothy on the elliptical. She got a nap, and I got a helluva workout.
Can't find Cooper? Check Harry's bed.
He even gets his own stool to climb in:
He liked these wall zebras so much, we are going to a zoo with zebras on Friday for the special snowflakes on their first day of summer break.
Which means tomorrow is the last day of school.  UGH.  I mean yay!  So much time to spend with my children!

Dorothy continues to be a dream come true.  She gets cranky between dinner and her 6:00 bedtime (so, what's that, like 20 minutes maximum?).  She also has a hard time in the afternoon if she hasn't napped very well in the morning, but that's easily solved by me taking a 2-hour nap with her.  SACRIFICES.  She's a terrific eater and she tolerates chocolate, which is AWESOME.  She can roll over (has been doing it since 6 weeks), blows raspberries, coos, and laughs out loud when other people blow raspberries.  She's 3 months on Saturday,and it's hard to imagine what life was like without her.  I think we slept better, but we go on more dates now than we did before she came.  Weird, huh?


  1. Anonymous1:39 AM

    I wonder if baby #5 will be a dream baby too... Hope so!

    Cooper looks so happy in Jacks bed. Very cute.

  2. Love the squishy baby selfie! Also six pm bedtimes=awesome.

  3. Baby-wearing on the elliptical? You are a rockstar!!
    I love Dorothy's suit! Where's it from?

  4. HOW do you look so damn cute right out of bed in the morning. If I posted a right out of bed selfie, I would break the internet. LOL

    I need a 6pm bedtime.