Sunday, January 07, 2007

Screaming Harry's Screaming Sunday

Harry spent today screaming-- he opened his mouth wide and shouted with all his might all day long. At first, we worried that he was in some sort of distress-- maybe teething or tummy issues-- but by the early afternoon, we began to understand that he just wants to talk. He may even think he is talking. You all know how loud Ben and I can be-- he clearly thinks thinks that talking and yelling are one and the same. We discovered that Harry is talking when he screams because when we respond conversationally to his noises, he lets out a delighted giggle and then screams with more intensity. Anyway, here's how the screamy little guy spent his Sunday.

He started with a breakfast of carrots, rice cereal mixed with pear juice, and applesauce. Yum.

Then, he spent some time yelling and swinging while Ben and I got ready to go out. He is clearly way too cool to be impressed with his swing anymore.

Here he is at Panerra, where he screamed most of the way through our (hurried, slightly embarrassed) lunch. He was really excited to be sitting up in the big boy high chair (which he liked and licked-- oh, yuck), and the noise and conversation of the crowded restaurant made him really long to communicate. Or maybe he really wanted to poop. Whatever. We think screaming=talking, okay?

He finished his day with a dinner of cereal, applesauce and FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER... peaches. Not that exciting, huh? He hated peaches-- they almost made him cry at first,l but after a few grimacing bites, he kind of liked them.

After finishing dinner with some milk, he totally passed out in his gym.

If you run into Harry's Grandma Lynne, ask her to show you all the latest Harry pics on her iPod-- pretty cool.

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  1. Anonymous8:45 PM

    This is the best video diary yet! How cute is Harry? He is so cute that I wouldn't even mind if my fellow Panera diners thought there was a parrot squawking in the restaurant!