Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Too Drunk To Preserve Memories

No, no. Not so drunk I blacked out (that sounds way trashier than I thought it would. Ahh, that's a phrase you don't often hear or say or type in polite society-- "black out drunk"), but definitely so drunk I didn't take very many pictures. And the ones I did take make me feel a little queesy to look at. But I was not the one who began the New Year by praying to the porcelain gods. Ask my husband about that one.

As most of you know, Katie got married on New Year's Eve, and Ben and I were so excited to have a grown up night out that we overdid it a bit in the alcomahol department (Don't you wish colleges has an alcohol department? That's one class I wouldn't have dropped in undergrad... unless it met before 9 a.m.) If you didn't get a drunk dial from us at 7 pm (NEVER a good sign), then you sure didn't get one later, because we barely made it to the New Year. Anywho, half of the pictures we took at the wedding were really grainy video clips, and most of the rest of them were of the tops of people's heads. So, here's a couple of shots of the beautiful bride danicng with her new hubby and with her dad. Here's one of me and Ben looking glassy eyed and a bit wasted-- at 9:00 pm!!

One of Ben and me and one of the family before we left on our binge. Don't worry. Harry B hung out with his grandma and grandpa for the evening, not his drunken slob parents. That's funny, see, because we don't really LOOK like drunken slobs, do we?

But this blog is not about me, no matter how many, many, many of you want it to be. This blog is about Harry. So, here're a few shots from his weekend. He had a great time with his grandparents, and he really didnt want to leave-- he cried almost the whole way back to Madison. In other Harry news, he can sit up unsupported; he's has rice cereal, otameal, applesauce, pears, prunes, squash, and green beans and is working on bananas. He is a TERRIBLE sleeper, but we hope it's just becauase he's teething, and he still loves remotes. You'll notice in these pics that he LOVES his grandpa's glasses, too.

The cutest picture of the New Year

I just got a new version of iPhoto, and I am having trouble finding my pictures, so here are some highlights. I'll get it together before the next blog-- promise!!


  1. Anonymous2:39 PM

    cuter in every blog...he is so vital...Bomma

  2. Well, for the York family, the 7:00 p.m. drunk dial was a NYE highlight. We miss you guys! -Doug & Misty