Monday, September 25, 2006

Hey! I Found These Things on the Ends of my Legs: Update by Harry

And I can use them to do cool stuff.

As you can see from this picture, my mom seems to have them, too. Hers aren't as cute as mine, though. She has to PAY for pedicures, and I get mine for free

Speaking of my mom, boy is she OLD. She and my dad went to her 10-year high school reunion this weekend, and they had such a good time. I had fun, too. I got to stay with my Grandma and Grandpa M while Mom and Dad went out. We had fun, but my Mom took a blank camera card from my grandpa's printer by accident and left a card filled with pictures of me. So, Grandma and Grandpa, there is a card with tons of cute pictures of me in your photo printer. It's too bad Mom took the wrong card, because she hasn't updated this blog in so long. There were lots of good pics of me on that card. Mom's lazy, and that's why I had to take matters into my own fat hands and tell all my fans what's been going on with me.

Here's my old parents all dressed up for Mom and Katie's reunion. Grandma and Grandpa made Mom, Dad, Katie, and Hani pose for pictures before they went to the reunion. Mom said it was just like Homecoming, only with liquor. Dad said that was redundant.

Not only is my Mom too lazy to blog, she is also too lazy to rotate these pictures in iPhoto before she posted them

Here I am today "enjoying" tummy time while Mom made the bed. Well, actually, this was when she was taking a picture of me, duh, not making the bed.

Here I am doing my FAVORITE thing-- sucking on my hand and wrist.

Here I am almost getting that elusive thumb-- god I want to suck that thing.

Adorable, even if I am speaking about myself

My mom loves to take pictures while I sleep. I think she could find many other ways to fill her time while I sleep-- cleaning, laundry, DISSERTATION, perhaps.

Check out my kung-fu grip

Those feet again-- so handy

Playing AND concentrating

Both hands-- ha!

This thing makes a cool crinkly noise

Hands and feet-- check that out!

I am ridiculously good looking.

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  1. Anonymous5:57 PM

    I now know why the family thinks Harry looks like his Dad...It is more obvious all the time. Bomma