Friday, September 08, 2006

I should be dissertating, not blogging. . .

But Harry is taking a great nap, and it's raining right now, so we can't go for a walk. Most importantly, I want to get all of these pictures up because we're starting a new memory card this weekend and plan to bombard the blog with pics of Harry and his tiny new cousin, whom we are so excited to meet! Plus, we're going to a school function tonight and will probably get some cute shots there. . . Plus plus, I am typing reading notes in another window while my pictures load. Anyway, I clearly have some guilt.

Check out Harry in this outfit-- the same one he wore home from the hospital.

Now remember how teeny tiny he was when he was just 3 days old

Here he is with his new ladybug pacifier-- it snaps shut when it's not in his mouth-- came in really handy at the filthy Sears portrait studio-- pics were so bad we actually returned them-- never go there! We heart The Picture People, though.

Here he is actually grabbing his bouncy chair-- and don't worry, Mom, he wasn't "contained" very long-- he actually enjoys a good massage every now and again. Yeah! Harry's a grabber!!

Tummy time is more fun by the minute as our little boy gets super strong. Have I mentioned how much he loves his dog?

See you soon with Max pics!

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