Thursday, September 03, 2020

Minnie is 3 weeks old!

Harry said Minnie looks like a blob fish, and now I can't unsee it.
I absolutely love that Dorothy runs in to snatch Minnie up first thing.
Tummy time cheerleader
We lasted like 30 minutes before the wasps swarmed us. No one came near us, and there was plenty of shade.
Her little face!
She's  so tiny but definitely bigger.
Big enough for the Ergo!
That's a full diaper
Cutest ever. Dorothy acted out a story with Barbies. Minnie liked it.
Clearly I offended her.



  1. Love these pix!

  2. The blob fish comparison is hilarious and really hard to unsee.

    It’s soooo sweet how much the Jedd kids love their baby sister.

    That full diaper... wow. It’s much cuter when an infant has a bowling ball diaper than when a 71 year old man has one.

    I hope Minnie does have blue eyes. I think blue eyes with darker hair is such a pretty combination. I had my fingers crossed that she would have your curls. Any sign of that?