Friday, August 21, 2015

Since we've been home

I stood behind the Parent Teacher Organization table at the kids' school today for 7 hours at registration.  7 HOURS.

But the good news is, we had a team of lovely volunteers and collected TONS of contact information so we can recruit EVEN MORE VOLUNTEERS.  Harry and Jack are thrilled with their teachers and class lists, and we are so excited about another school year and in disbelief that we have 2 preschoolers, a second-grader and a fourth-grader.

And Ben made delicious tacos and strawberry margaritas on the table when I got home.

We have been laying low and enjoying some really cold weather since we've been back from vacay.

Ben and I saw The Gift the day after we got home-- which was a BRILLIANT night for a date night-- and it was scary and fun to watch in a theater full of people who screamed.

 The kids have wanted to go to the pool even though it's been between 45-70.
 But Ben and I have stayed strictly on the side.
 Except for family float Sunday, the last one of the season.
 Dorothy was yelling, "Mommy!  I stuck!  Mommy! I can't get out" and this is what I found when I went to investigate.
 We got a new blender and Dorothy and Cooper want to make smoothies every morning.
 So cold we had to wear coats to the park!  And we ate muffins so messy they could only be consumed outside.
 Another cold park day; another Frozen princess dress.
 Cooper helped me staple flyers for registration.
 Ben had to work late, so I thought it would be easier to take the kids to play at the library and out for pizza and ice cream than deal with them at home. LOL

 And then we closed down the park
This is my favorite video on my phone right now:


  1. So awesome! And super jealous of your cold weather

  2. Awwww... clumsy Elsa trips on grass. I love how the video ends with her sweet little face about to cry for Momma.