Monday, August 31, 2015

The day I had

Pro:  I remembered to activate my half-online class and email pertinent course materials to my students even though classes don't start until tomorrow.

Pro:  I organized an impromptu mimosa party for immediately after drop-off tomorrow and even baked muffins.

Pro:  The kids had an awesome time at the pool tonight.

Pro:  The house is still mostly clean from yesterday.


Obviously my to-do list from yesterday was a little ambitious.  Luckily I wrote the conference call time down wrong and could not attend.  (Not really lucky).  Bu it freed up some time to get ready for work.

BUT my babysitter didn't show up (not her fault, just bad communication).  So I had to take ALL FOUR KIDS TO MY MEETING.

Never professional.

In retrospect, I could have offloaded them on friends and neighbors, but I totally panicked and by the time I realized she wasn't coming, I was so, so almost late.  I just threw them and their snacks and their iPads in the car and hauled ass.

Did I mention it was move-in day on campus?  Because it totally was.  I try to never, ever go to campus on move-in day.  For good reason.

The kids were kind of good, and I got through the 2 hours of content I needed to while they shrieked in an adjacent classroom.  I almost cancelled the meeting, but some of my new students are teaching for the very first time on Wednesday and because of Labor Day we won't have a staff meeting again for 2 weeks, so I bit the bullet and took the kids and hoped none of my colleagues would hear them.

And that is why Ben and I never work on the same day at the same time.


The day ended on a lovely, sunny note. As will everyday this week, I hope, because boy will we miss the pool. 

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