Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Beach! So unrelaxing!


The most relaxed I have been all day is right now, an hour and a half after my bedtime after working on my online class for 2 hours in a hotel bathrobe and a wet swimsuit and drinking 2 tumblers of wine.  Taking 4 kids to the beach is the OPPOSITE of relaxing.  Holy cats.

I mean, don't get me wrong.  This place is GORGEOUS, and we are having a total blast tucking sandy kids into bed exhausted at 9 o'clock and lingering over a great breakfast buffet before spending 8 solid hours at the pool/beach/pool/beach-- you get the idea.  But everyone could drown in the time it would take me to sip a strawberry daiquiri, and I have not cracked a book in over a week.  And we both have a TON of summer school grading to wrap up this week, so as soon as the kids finally fall asleep, it is all tumblers of Whole Foods wine (there's a store SO SO CLOSE!) and grading.  And that's the most relaxing time of the day.

We have a lovely 2 bedroom suite, which is great after a small Disney room and the car.  The kids love all the balconies.

 And they are happy to spread out and play hide and seek and watch TV.
 The beach is located on a stretch of perfect private beaches, and it's wonderful.
 The children could not be happier boogie boarding in the waves and wallowing in the sand.
 Cooper is a huge fan of making dirt angels.

 Dorothy has so much sand in her diaper.
 And she is obsessed with looking for he-hells (sea shells).
 We discovered a baby pool which is perfect for sandy kids who need to go upstairs and take showers.
 This is EXACTLY what we would be doing at home.
 We had a delicious lunch at our favorite Hilton Head restaurant.
 Where Cooper borrowed my lipstick.
 And Ben and Dorothy posed for pictures.  Also, Dorothy ordered her own food-- grilled cheese, coleslaw and milk-- which was too cute.
 Then we hit up an ice cream place so good we have rememebred it for 3 years.

 Ben went to get pizza and fruit for a picnic for dinner, and I took the kids to the indoor pool, where I assumed they would be easier to contain.  They totally were, especially since most of them loved the hot tub (ew).
 Sand castles until bedtime since everyone was already too sandy to come in unless they went straight to the tub.

 Jack lost a tooth!  And then dropped it in a pool grate.  But he wrote the Fairy a cute note and will be happy in the morning.

 Dorothy said she was going to sleep in the baby pool. Since she is such a pain in the ass to get down at night, I almost let her.

My brother and his boyfriend are joining us on Thursday, and we can't wait!!

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