Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Cutest Baby in the Whole Baby World!

I swear, Harry gets cuter everyday. Check out these pics of him just living his cute baby life. Poor kid-- everytime he does anything, Ben and I run for the camera!

Harry got a new gym-- it's very cool. He had a screaming conversation with a hanging flower the first time he played with it, and he loves to roll over and look at the printed playmat.

Check out that bald spot! Harry sure does love the Handsome Baby in the Mirror

But sometimes, the Hansdome Baby can be a real jerk


Look at the dexterity! The concentration! The drool!

A walk on the coldest day of Harry's life

He is such a big boy.

We offer books and games and toys and silly songs (ask him about the Greek alphabet), but Harry loves the boob tube.

Playing with Daddy-- a bit overstimulated!


  1. Anonymous9:01 AM

    I check Harry's blog every morning with my second cup of coffee...each day is a delight...thanks for this morning...Bomma

  2. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Do you think he is really that cute, or is it just us?