Monday, July 15, 2019

New room/new sport/new skillz

Well, I guess calling it a new room is kind of overkill.  But!  Our friends gave Dorothy their daughter's super cute bedroom decor because their daughter switched room themes.  And the really exciting part is that Dorothy likes it so much she makes her own bed every darn day.  CAN YOU EVEN?

 The boys became their very dorkiest selves and signed up to play Quidditch at the library AND LOVED IT. The librarian told them they can play Quidditch in college (at the rec level, I assume) and they are STOKED.
 Meanwhile Dorothy and I went to story time, but we left in the middle because she was too distracted by the book she was reading, which I love so much.  A chapter book reader!  They are all chapter book readers!  This feels big.

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