Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hey-- remember me? Long time no blog, huh?

We've been soooooooo busy. Let's see...since I last blogged, we officially bought our house; we painted said house-- every room but Harry's-- and we hung out with my parents and Jon. We also went to Little Gym again; Harry got another tooth (top left), and I have made AMAZING progress on my dissertation-- the kind of progress that is measured N.O.T in the number of pages generated but in the development of a realistic and workable work shcedule and the collection of really fascinating primary sources (and there were quite a few pages to boot).

Harry is 9 freaking months old next Wednesday-- the day after Ben's 30th birthday. It is impossible to believe that Harry has been on the outside as long as he was on the inside. Cliched as it may sound, the time has FLOWN by. I took a look at my own archives the other day (vain much?), and I was shocked by how teeny tiny he was in June-- how could he have changed soooo much in such a short time? The blink of an eye, really (don't want to use any original phrases tonight, see). When I was feeding him tonight, his feet were hanging over the side of the couch and touching the end table.

So, tonight's entry has 3 parts:
1. Some random pics between last entry and the big paint job
2. The big paint job and Harry with his g-parents and Jon
3. Harry at Little Gym today

My students are learning previews this unit, so I thought I'd practice what I preach.
Enjoying some independent playtime while Mommy writes

Lately, he has been throwing books enthusiastically off of his bookshelf and rolling aorund in them. I thought briefly that he was choosing books for me to read, but I tried to read to him,a dn he would have none of it. He kept closing the book on my hand and eating it. My hand. And the book.

The living room is a lovely shade of green

We're neat when we paint, huh?

Harry the Bear's room--already a pale blue

Back to the living room

The kitchen, which is clearly the same color as the living room.

Our bedroom, which is much brighter in real life. Regrettably.

The upstairs bathroom-- more green.

Harry's diaper wedgie.

Napping. Hard.

Harry with his grandpa and his grandpa's glasses

Little Gym is over lunch, so I was clearly thinking about eating Harry. Maybe I was actually nibbling him a little. You got a problem with that?

He's concentrating really hard on pounding the big red mat.

Aw, a baby circle

Babies blow Harry's mind

So do balls.

And bubbles

And pounding.


  1. Anonymous8:23 PM

    This is Ben...I have a SEVERE issue with this past blog entry. I do have a birthday coming up and while Sarah would wish that I was older than her, truth be told I am turning 28. The same age Sally is now...Thus, making me 9 months (exactly) younger than with it. Harry, daddy is younger than mommy!

  2. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Harry is a cutie, and I love his name! Thanks for your nice comment on my site. It's good to know there are other PhD student/ moms out there!!