Friday, March 16, 2007

Dude, Blogger has been broken

There's been a documented problem with uploading pics since March 13th (Ben's big 3-0) I'm actually kidding. Ben is only 28. He is, sigh, younger than me. Happy now, sweetie? And NO the documented problem was not may laziness. And you can clearly see that the dates on the signs below? Those dates? They're the 13th and 14th-- which, as many of you called to say, were milestone dates. (But thank you for reminding me about my baby's 9 month b-day. Baby? I totally forgot I had a baby. Holy crap.) So I was ready, people. More later. I am extremely busy and important. But here's a taste of the cuteness to come.

Harry's laughing at me already-- no respect, I tell you.

How freaking cute is this guy? More Harry and Max later. After I pack 50 million boxes. And mop up the pool of brown water leaking from the firdge. Good thing we're moving in a week cause our fridge is intensely broken. We're ready to be homeowners, right?

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