Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesdays with Harry

Well, any day, really!

We've had this mirror forever, but Harry only just now started to interact with it. Oh, that handosme baby

Adorable scenes like this one are what I come home to after class. Lucky me.

Someday this tiny hand will be a huge hand. So sweet.

Harry helping with laundry.

It's Christmas! It's Hanukkah! It's Chrismukkah!!

Harry hanging out while his grandma and I put together his exersaucer, which is the coolest toy ever

Harry opening some books for an early Chrismukkah-- his first experience opening holiday presents!

Chillin in the exersaucer-- told you it was so cool.

Adorable-- is there anything else to say?

Aggressivley bundled

Modeling a hat that goes with one of his many pairs of Chrismukkah pjs

First thing in the AM, saying bye to Daddy

Harry has developed an overidin g love of remote controls. Such a Ben thing!

His tummy is so cute

Check out his one bare foot. He is harry Shoedini

A smiley little guy

Stay tuned for the big 6 month wrap up on Thursday-ish!

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